mlw [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> I use PostgreSQL with C++ all the time. I actually have a SQL class
> abstracts libpq and ODBC, so I'm pretty much past a lot of the "how I
> want to use it" stuff.

What about libpq++? I have not used the thing, but if he absolutely
insists on using C++ in his database interface that's at least worth
checking out.  Same for embedded C.

I often use the zeos toolkit for postgres, which works with C++ Builder,
Delphi, and Kylix.  If you use those tools I can vouch that they are a
good way to write apps with postgres.  The zeos connection toolkit is an
order of magnitude faster than pgodbc.

For tight oo integration with the database, I would take either Java or
(if you hail from *nix and can deal with mono) C#.


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