Hello Julian,

Alright, here goes another one:

Patch v3 applies, make check ok, feature tested on Linux, one small issue found, see below.

1. Cleaned up the clutter with getPgPassFilename - the function is now named fillDefaultPGPassFile() and only does exactly that.


2. Since a connection option "pgpassfile" or environment variable "PGPASSFILE" are picked up in conninfo_add_defaults() or in case a password was needed, but neither a pgpassfile connection option or environment variable were set, we'd have filled the conn->pgpassfile field with the "default" ~/.pgpass stuff.


Thus, when returning with an error, if conn->pgpassfile was set and a password was necessary, we must have tried that pgpassfile, so i got rid of the field "dot_pgpass_used"

No, you should not have done that, because it changes a feature which was to warn *only* when the password was coming from file.

in the pg_conn struct and the pgpassfile string is always used in the error message.

 sh> touch dot_pass_empty
 sh> LD_LIBRARY_PATH=./src/interfaces/libpq \
    psql "dbname=test host=localhost user=test pgpassfile=./dot_pass_empty"
 psql: FATAL:  password authentication failed for user "test"
 password retrieved from file "./dot_pass_empty"

The warning is wrong, the password was typed directly, not retrieved from a file. The "dot_pgpass_used" boolean is still required to avoid that.

3. Going on, I renamed "dot_pg_pass_warning()" to "PGPassFileWarning()"

This makes sense, its name is not necessarily ".pgpass".


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