Peter Eisentraut wrote:
> Here is a patch series that implements several changes in the internal
> grammar and node representation of function signatures.  They are not
> necessarily meant to be applied separately, but they explain the
> progression of the changes nicely, so I left them like that for review.

I think patches 1-4 and 6 are pretty clearly straight cleanup and it
seems fine to me to push them ahead of the rest.  I didn't review super
carefully but it looks good on a quick glance.  I'd just advise to pay
special attention to the objectaddress.sql test and the UI involved
there (which you appear to have done already).

Patch 5 is obviously a new feature and I would put that one in a
separate commit from the first four plus six.  (I'm not clear why you
put 6 after 5 instead of before.)

I'm not at all sure about patch 7.  Maybe that one is okay, not sure,
but since it's bigger I didn't look at it.

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