Tom Lane wrote:
I've spent the morning trying to reproduce this, without success.  After
a "make maintainer-clean", cvs update, full rebuild cycle, I cannot get
anything funny to happen in "make check" under HPUX, RH Linux 8.0, or

I'm a bit hesitant to write it off as a build problem, because
(a) I can't see anything in the recent CVS logs that might cause such,
and (b) it's surprising that it'd bite both you and me.  But at this
point I don't see what else to say.

Can you still reproduce the problem after a clean rebuild?

FWIW, I just updated to cvs tip, did

make clean
./configure ...
make all
make install
make check (repeated 6 times)

The only failure I get is horology due to the "--enable-integer-datetimes" issue (which I think there is a patch in the queue for). This is on Red Hat 7.3.


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