Michael Paquier wrote:
>> In my quest of making the backup tools more compliant to data
>> durability, here is a thread for pg_dump and pg_dumpall.
> Okay, here is a patch doing the above. I have added a new --nosync
> option to pg_dump and pg_dumpall to switch to the pre-10 behavior. I
> have arrived at the conclusion that it is better not to touch at
> _EndData and _EndBlob, and just issue the fsync in CloseArchive when
> all the write operations are done. In the case of the directory
> format, the fsync is done on all the entries recursively. This makes
> as well the patch more simple. The regression tests calling pg_dump
> don't use --nosync yet in this patch, that's a move that could be done
> afterwards.

The patch does not apply, I had to change the hunk for

Also, compilation fails because function "pre_fsync_fname" cannot be
resolved during linking. Is that a typo for "pre_fsync_fname" or is
the patch incomplete?

Laurenz Albe

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