On 11/4/16 4:28 PM, Tom Lane wrote:
My proposal therefore is for SPI_fnumber to ignore (not match to)
dropped columns, and to remove any caller-side attisdropped tests that
thereby become redundant.

Yeah, SPI users certainly shouldn't need to worry about attisdropped, and exposing attnum doesn't seem like a good idea either.

It's possible that it'd make sense for pltcl_trigger_handler to ignore
empty-string column names in the returned list, so that the behavior
with stupid trigger functions would be a bit more forgiving; but that
is more or less independent of this patch.

I'm a bit reluctant to do that since it'd be nice to be consistent with regular pltcl functions returning composites. The same kind of issue exists with the holes in $TG_relatts; we shouldn't be exposing the details of attnum that way. Any code that's expecting those holes is going to blow up after a dump/restore anyway.
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