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>> Things are this way since b15f9b08 that introduced pgwin32_is_service().
>> Still, by considering what you say, you definitely have a point that if
>> postgres is started by another service running as Local System logs are
>> going where they should not. Let's remove the check for LocalSystem but
>> still check for SE_GROUP_ENABLED.
>> So, without any refactoring work, isn't the attached patch just but fine?
>> That seems to work properly for me.
> Just taking a look at the patch, I'm sure it will work.
> Committer (Heikki?),
> v5 is refactored for HEAD, and v6 is for previous releases without 
> refactoring.  I'd like v5 to be applied to at least HEAD, as it removes a lot 
> of unnecessary code.

+    if (!CheckTokenMembership(NULL, AdministratorsSid, &IsAdministrators) ||
+        !CheckTokenMembership(NULL, PowerUsersSid, &IsPowerUsers))
-        if ((EqualSid(AdministratorsSid, Groups->Groups[x].Sid) &&
-             (Groups->Groups[x].Attributes & SE_GROUP_ENABLED)) ||
-            (EqualSid(PowerUsersSid, Groups->Groups[x].Sid) &&
-             (Groups->Groups[x].Attributes & SE_GROUP_ENABLED)))
-        {
-            success = TRUE;
-            break;
-        }
+        log_error("could not check access token membership: error code %lu\n",
+                GetLastError());
+        exit(1);
I just looked more deeply at your refactoring patch, and I didn't know
about CheckTokenMembership()... The whole logic of your patch depends
on it. That's quite a cleanup that you have here. It looks that the
former implementation just had no knowledge of this routine or it
would just have been used.

+    if (IsAdministrators || IsPowerUsers)
+        return 1;
+    else
+        return 0;
I would remove the else here.

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