On 11/7/16 1:13 AM, Haribabu Kommi wrote:
> Yes, I agree that default zone is the main use case of the original thread.
> From the RFC 4007, the default zone is used for the global addresses,
> This may be the main use case with zone id. How about currently just
> ignoring it and store the actual IP address with the attached patch and
> handle the rest of the actual zone id support later once the it gets
> properly standardized?

Well, according to the RFC, the default zone is 0 "typically", which is
a very weak requirement.  So just ignoring it is probably also not right.

So far we have only heard one use case for any of this, which is someone
wanting to store ::1%0, which is not even a valid address according to
that same RFC.  So this is all on very weak ground.

I think we should just forget about this.  It's all a bit too dubious.

The only thing that might be useful and not questionable is a function
that takes text input and produces a zone-free address and a the zone ID
as separate return values.  (Or perhaps two functions, one for each

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