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> Greetings,
> * Venkata B Nagothi (nag1...@gmail.com) wrote:
>> The above said parameters can be configured to pause, shutdown or prevent
>> promotion only after reaching the recovery target point.
>> To clarify, I am referring to a scenario where recovery target point is not
>> reached at all ( i mean, half-complete or in-complete recovery) and there
>> are lots of WALs still pending to be replayed - in this situation,
> PG doesn't know that there are still WALs to be replayed.
>> PostgreSQL just completes the archive recovery until the end of the last
>> available WAL (WAL file "00000001000000000000001E" in my case) and
>> starts-up the cluster by generating an error message (saying
>> "00000001000000000000001F" not found).
> That's not a PG error, that's an error from cp.  From PG's perspective,
> your restore command has said that all of the WAL has been replayed.
> If that's not what you want then change your restore command to return
> an exit code > 125, which tells PG that it's unable to restore that WAL
> segment.

Ah! Is this documented somewhere?
if we expect people to use correct exit codes we should document them, no?

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