On 11/13/2016 04:54 AM, Andres Freund wrote:
On 2016-11-12 12:30:45 -0500, Andrew Dunstan wrote:

On 11/11/2016 11:10 AM, Tom Lane wrote:
boolin: OID=1242 proname=boolin proargtypes="cstring" prorettype=bool
boolin: prosrc=boolin provolatile=i proparallel=s

I have written a little perl script to turn the pg_proc DATA lines into
something like the format suggested. In order to keep the space used as
small as possible, I used a prefix based on the OID. See attached result.

Still plenty of work to go, e.g. grabbing the DESCR lines, and turning this
all back into DATA/DESCR lines, but I wanted to get this out there before
going much further.

The defaults I used are below (commented out keys are not defaulted, they
are just there for completeness).
In the referenced thread I'd started to work on something like this,
until other people also said they'd be working on it.  I chose a
different output format (plain Data::Dumper), but I'd added the parsing
of DATA/DESCR and such to genbki.

Note that I found that initdb performance is greatly increased *and*
legibility is improvided, if types and such in the data files are
expanded, and converted to their oids when creating postgres.bki.

Yeah, I have the type name piece, it was close to trivial. I just read in pg_type.h and stored the names/oids in a hash.

Data::Dumper is too wasteful of space. The thing I like about Tom's format is that it's nice and concise.

I'm not convinced the line prefix part is necessary, though. What I'm thinking of is something like this:

PROCDATA( oid=1242 name=boolin isstrict=t volatile=i parallel=s nargs=1
    rettype=bool argtypes="cstring" src=boolin );

Teaching Catalog.pm how to parse that and turn the type names back into oids won't be difficult. I already have code for the prefix version, and this would be easier since there is an end marker.

I'd actually like to roll up the DESCR lines in pg_proc.h into this too, they strike me as a bit of a wart. But I'm flexible on that.

If we can generalize this to other catalogs, then that will be good, but my inclination is to handle the elephant in the room (pg_proc.h) and worry about the gnats later.

I basically made genbki/catalog.pm accept text whenever a column is of
type regtype/regprocedure/. To then make use of that I converted a bunch
of plain oid columns to their their reg* equivalent. That's also nice
for just plain qureying of the catalogs ;)

I don't think the code is going to be much use for you directlky, but it
might be worthwhile to crib some stuff from the 0002 of the attached
patches (based on 74811c4050921959d54d42e2c15bb79f0e2c37f3).

Thanks, I will take a look.



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