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> 2016-11-11 5:14 GMT+01:00 Ashutosh Bapat <ashutosh.ba...@enterprisedb.com>
> :
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>> > How about, instead of all this, adding an option to psql to suppress
>> > the automatic reconnect behavior?  When enabled, psql just exits
>> > instead of trying to reconnect.
>> >
>> +1. But, existing users may not notice addition of the new option and
>> still continue to face problem. If we add the option and make it
>> default not to reconnect, they will notice it and use option to get
>> older behaviour, but that will break applications relying on the
>> current behaviour. Either way, users will have at least something to
>> control the connection reset.
> The reconnect in not interactive mode is a bad idea - and there should be
> disabled everywhere (it cannot to break any application - the behave of
> script when a server is restarted must be undefined (100% if ON_ERROR_STOP
> is active). In interactive mode it can be controlled by some psql session
> variables like AUTOCOMMIT.

Yes, I've never suggested it should affect non-interactive mode.

Automatic connection reset is a nice feature for server development, IMO.
Is it really useful for anything else is a good question.

At least an option to control that behavior seems like a good idea, maybe
even set it to 'no reconnect' by default, so that people who really use it
can make conscious choice about enabling it in their .psqlrc or elsewhere.


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