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> Let me try to be more clear.  I will not commit this patch if it is not
> properly commented.  I doubt that anyone else will, either.
> The fact that those code changes already exist in 9.4+ is not a reason to
> back-port them to earlier releases without a proper explanation of why we
> are doing it.  Very possibly, we should also improve the comments in newer
> branches so that future authors don't reintroduce whatever bugs were fixed
> by these changes.  But whether we do that or not, I am not going to commit
> uncommented patches to complex code in order to fix obscure bugs in
> 3+-year-old branches.  I think that is a non-starter.

OK, although I'm not perfectly sure what to add as a comment, I added an 
example scenario as a comment because I thought a concrete situation helps to 
understand the existing two paragraphs.  Is this good?

Takayuki Tsunakawa

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