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> In my understanding pg_is_in_recovery() returns true if it's a standby node.
> However, even if it returns other than true, the server is not necessarily
> a primary. Even it's not configured as a streaming replication primary,
> it returns other than true.
> So if your intention is finding a primary, I am not sure if
> pg_is_in_recovery() is the best solution.

Yes, I don't think pg_is_in_recovery() is the best, but there doesn't seem to 
be a better solution.  pg_is_in_recovery(), as its name clearly suggests, 
returns true if the server is performing recovery.  For example, it returns 
true if hot_standby=on is present in postgresql.conf and the recovery from 
backup is in progress.  It's not a standby.

Takayuki Tsunakawa

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