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> I am adding next version of the patch it have following fixes.
> Tsunakawa's comments
> 1.  PGconn->target_server_type is now freed in freePGconn() 2.  Added
> Additional comments from others
> 3.  Moved from SELECT pg_is_in_recovery() to SHOW transaction_read_only
> now should handle different kind of replication, as we recognise server
> to which writable connection can be made as primary. Very exactly like JDBC
> driver. Also documented about it.
> 4. renamed words from master to primary.

Thank you.  The following items need addressing.  Some of them require some 
more discussion to reach consensus, and I hope they will settle down soon.  
After checking the progress for a week or so, I'll mark the CommitFest entry as 
"ready for committer" or "waiting on author".

+        server. Set this to <literaL>any</literal>, if you want to connect to
+        A server is recognized as a primary/standby by observering whether it

Typo.  <literaL. -> <literal>, and "observering" -> "observing".

+       {"target_server_type", "PGTARGETSERVERTYPE", NULL, NULL,
+               "Target server type", "", 6,

Looking at existing parameters, the default value is defined as a macro, and 
the display label is a sequence of words separated by "-".  i.e.

+       {"target_server_type", "PGTARGETSERVERTYPE", DefaultTargetServerType, 
+               "Target-Server-Type", "", 6,

Please avoid adding another round trip by using a GUC_REPORTed variable 
(ParameterStatus entry).  If you want to support this libpq failover with 
pre-10 servers, you can switch the method of determining the primary based on 
the server version.  But I don't think it's worth supporting older servers at 
the price of libpq code complexity.

Please consider supporting "standby" and "prefer_standby" like PgJDBC.  They 
are useful without load balancing when multiple standbys are used for HA.

I haven't tracked the progress of logical replication, but will 
target_server_type be likely to be usable with it?  How will target_server_type 
fit logical replication?

Takayuki Tsunakawa

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