Christoph Haller <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> I've installed postgresql-7.3.2 on HP-UX yesterday.
> When running 'gmake -C regress check'
> the process does not return.

See doc/FAQ_HPUX:

: The parallel regression test script (gmake check) is known to lock up
: when run under HP's Bourne shells: /usr/bin/sh and /sbin/sh.  This is a
: known defect JAGad84609, the fix for which is not yet in any released
: HP-UX version or shell patches.  To work around it, use ksh to run the
: regression script:
:       gmake SHELL=/bin/ksh check
: If you see that the tests have stopped making progress and only a shell
: process is consuming CPU, kill the shell process and start over with the
: above command.

                        regards, tom lane

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