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On 13/11/16 23:02, Steve Singer wrote:

There is one exception though:
*** 195,214 ****
      A conflict will produce an error and will stop the replication; it
!     must be resolved manually by the user.
!     The resolution can be done either by changing data on the subscriber
!     so that it does not conflict with incoming change or by skipping the
!     transaction that conflicts with the existing data. The transaction
!     can be skipped by calling the
!     <link linkend="pg-replication-origin-advance">
!     <function>pg_replication_origin_advance()</function></link> function
!     with a <literal>node_name</> corresponding to the subscription name. The
!     current position of origins can be seen in the
!     <link linkend="view-pg-replication-origin-status">
!     <structname>pg_replication_origin_status</structname></link> system view.
!   </para>
  <sect1 id="logical-replication-architecture">

I don't see why this needs to be removed? Maybe it could be improved but
certainly not removed?

Sorry, I was confused. I noticed that the function was missing in the patch and thought it was documentation for a function that you had removed from recent versions of the patch versus referencing a function that is already committed.

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