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Friday, November 18, 2016 4:45 AM Michael Meskes wrote :
> >  - Translate the DECLARE STATEMENT into a new function with parameters.
> >    These parameters carry the information like connection_name and
> statement_name.
> >  - The function is a new function defined in the ECPG library.
> Why's that? I haven't checked if the standard says anything about this and my
> memory might be wrong, but isn't "DECLARE STATEMENT" supposed to be purely
> declarative, i.e. not executed at run time?

My lack of explanation caused the confusion, sorry.
Your point is true.
"DECLARE STATEMENT" is declarative ,not function in .pgc file.

I wanted to say that in order to use the connection pointed 
by the DECLARE STATEMENT some functions like ECPGdo() would be modified or
new function would be added under the directory ecpglib/.

This modification or new function will be used to get the connection by 

Ideriha, Takeshi

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