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> > Also, Tsrcache is strangely named: it's not exactly a cache, it's
> > more of a registry.
> When I used the word "cache" here, I was thinking more of this
> English language definition:
>   a :  a hiding place especially for concealing and preserving
>        provisions or implements
>   b :  a secure place of storage
> The intent being to emphasize that there is not one public
> "registry" of such objects, but context-specific collections where
> references are tucked away when they become available for later use
> in the only the appropriate context.  Eventually, when these are
> used for some of the less "eager" timings of materialized view
> maintenance, they may be set aside for relatively extended periods
> (i.e., minutes or maybe even hours) before being used.  Neither
> "registry" nor "cache" seems quite right; maybe someone can think
> of a word with more accurate semantics.

How about "stash"?  According to my reading of Merriam-Webster's
definition, "stash" mostly appears to be the thing that is stored
(hidden), rather than the place it's stored in, but one of the
definitions is "hiding place", and "cache" is listed as a synonym.

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