Hi All,

The commitfest status summary after three weeks of progress:

Needs review: 59
Waiting on author: 28
Ready for Commiter: 16
Commited: 35
Moved to next CF: 0
Rejected: 5
Returned with feedback: 4
TOTAL: 147

Overall progress of completion - 29%
week-1 progress of completion - 9%
week-2 progress of completion - 3%
week-3 progress of completion - 3%

Last two weeks the commitfest progress is slow compared to first week.

There are many patches in "ready for committer" state,  committer's please
have a check on those patches and provide your update.

I sent reminder mails to the reviewers who haven't responded to the patches
in those corresponding threads. Please share your review, this will help us
in smoother operation of commitfest.

There are still some patches with no reviewer assigned. Please consider
reviewing some patches. The review can be a code, test and etc, whichever is
comfortable to you. We need your help.

I updated the status of some patches as "waiting on author" to reflect it's
actual state based on my understanding of recent communications on those
threads. If anyone feels the status is wrong, please update it accordingly.

Hari Babu
Fujitsu Australia

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