On 2016-11-23 20:58:22 +0800, Craig Ringer wrote:
> Today I ran into an issue where commit timestamp lookups were failing with
>         ERROR: cannot retrieve commit timestamp for transaction 2
> which is of course FrozenTransactionId.
> TransactionIdGetCommitTsData(...) ERRORs on !TransactionIdIsNormal(),
> which I think is wrong. Attached is a patch to make it return 0 for
> FrozenTransactionId and BootstrapTransactionId, like it does for xids
> that are too old.

Why? It seems quite correct to not allow lookups for special case
values, as it seems sensible to give them special treatmeant at the call

> IMO this should be back-patched to 9.6 and, without the TAP test part,
> to 9.5.

Why would we want to backpatch a behaviour change, where arguments for
the current and proposed behaviour exists?


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