IMHO, overall, there should be pros and cons of the current approach and the 
new UNDo one (like Oracle?), depending on the workload.  Under update-heavy 
workload, the UNDO method may be better.  OTOH, under the mostly-INSERT 
workload (like data warehouse?), the current method will be better because it 
writes no log for UNDO.

Furthermore, it maybe the best to be able to switch the method for each table 
and/or tablespace.  For example, in pgbench, history table uses the current 
and other tables use the UNDO method.  Is it time to introduce a pluggable 
storage system?

Because PostgreSQL is a follower in the UNDO approach, I think it will be 
better to study other DBMSs well (Oracle and MySQL?).  That includes not only 
their manuals, but also whitepapers and books.  Especially, I expect good books 
to give deep knowledge on performance tuning and troubleshooting, from which we 
will be able to know the cons that Oracle's materials don't state.

Takayuki Tsunakawa

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