While updating some extensions, I noticed that pg_config --version
produces output that's...maybe not quite as useful as it might be, at
least to a machine, so I'd like to throw out some proposals to fix the

    Add a --version-numeric option to pg_config

    Replace the current --version option with its bare numeric version

    Add another line of output to the current --version output, which
    would be the numeric version by itself

I'm partial to the first because it's clear what's being asked for,
the second because the product name does nothing for comprehension,
and the third because it would be less strain on things that already
parse the output.

A somewhat larger project, not sure whether it's worth doing, would be
to enable pg_config to print arbitrary combinations of the GUCs it
could know about.

What say?

David Fetter <david(at)fetter(dot)org>
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