On 27/11/16 21:47, Andres Freund wrote:
> Hi,
>>> +typedef struct SlabBlockData *SlabBlock;           /* forward reference */
>>> +typedef struct SlabChunkData *SlabChunk;
>>> Can we please not continue hiding pointers behind typedefs? It's a bad
>>> pattern, and that it's fairly widely used isn't a good excuse to
>>> introduce further usages of it.
>> Why is it a bad pattern?
> It hides what is passed by reference, and what by value, and it makes it
> a guessing game whether you need -> or . since you don't know whether
> it's a pointer or the actual object. All to save a * in parameter and
> variable declaration?...

FWIW I don't like that pattern either although it's used in many parts
of our code-base.

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