On 28.11.2016 10:42, Pavel Stehule wrote:

next update - setattr, getattr functions are working now

notes, comments?



It is interesting!

Do you have plans to support also table variables? For example, like this:

create type composite_type_2 as (a int, b text);
create variable var7 composite_type_2;
select insertvar('var7','(10,Hello world\, Hello world\, Hello world)');
select insertvar('var7','(1000,Hola, hola!)');
select * from getvar('var7');
  a   |                   b
 10   | Hello world, Hello world, Hello world
 1000 | Hola, hola!

Or it is a bad idea? Or it is not related to this patch?

We have the extension (https://github.com/postgrespro/pg_variables). And it supports table like variables. It shows better performance against temporary tables.

Artur Zakirov
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