Phew .. after some more struggling with docbook I think I finally
managed to get it working. Posting here to help other folks googling
through usenet archives.

My problem was that I had DOCBOOKSTYLE set to /usr/local/share/sgml -
the directory which contained the "catalog" file. However, inspite of
this environment variable, configure insisted on setting DOCBOOKSTYLE
to /usr/local/share/sgml/docbook31 

I finally fixed it by creating a file
/usr/local/share/sgml/docbook31/catalog as:

CATALOG "../dsssl/catalog"
CATALOG "../docbook-dsssl-1.77/catalog"

This works fine thankfully. 

Now I have another question - and this is probably incredibly stupid.

I want to generate the PostgreSQL documentation with some extra
add-ons (DDL and DML we have added for streaming data and continuous
long-running queries). I would like the add-ons to show in some
changed fashion - say perhaps in bright red to show that this is new,
not-yet-very-well-tested (:-) functionality specific to our system
(TelegraphCQ) and not part of the base PostgreSQL features.

How would I go about doing something like this in SGML ?

I understand the whole process of SGML documentation as separating
content from presentation. So I imagine I should surround our new
stuff with some kind of tag, that when used with an HTML (or other)
stylesheet generates appropriately changed documentation. 

I hope I am on the right track ! Could somebody help me please ? 

Many thanks ! 


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