> 28 нояб. 2016 г., в 20:31, Andrew Borodin <boro...@octonica.com> написал(а):
> This patch solved a problem encountered by Evgeniy Efimkin and
> Vladimir Borodin from Yandex.Mail.
> and eventually deleting some of data. This testbed showed VACUUM
> holding inserts for up to tenths of seconds. They claim that proposed
> patch made vacuum invisible in this test.
> Evgeniy, Vladimir, if I missed something or you have something to add,
> please join discussion.

Yep, in our load environment the table is not so big (~ 50 GB), GIN index size 
is ~ 1 GB. And under our load profile we have seen 90 seconds of impossibility 
to do an insert into the table because of vacuuming this index. I confirm that 
with this patch we now don’t see any spikes of errors as it was previously.

May the force be with you…

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