Hello Pavel,

Now, the psql statements are designed do nothing in syntax error. I am not
sure about be more strict in this case. I see strong advantages - but it
can be little bit different than current behave.

Indeed, an error on a conditional construct should stop the script, which is slightly different that "go on whatever", which is okay in the interactive mode.

I do not see that as an issue, just as features which are more interactive vs script oriented and behave accordingly: typing a \if in interactive does not makes much sense, because you have tested something is there, so you know the answer and can act directly, so there is no point using a condition.

 \if ! :has_xxx_feature

I prefer the commands instead symbols - the parsing and processing symbols should be more complex than it is now. A psql parser is very simple - and any complex syntax enforces lot of code. \if_not

My 0,02 €, which is just a personal opinion:

I think that handling manually "!/not" would be worth the effort rather than having two commands, especially if the boolean expression syntax may be extended some day and the negative if would become obsolete.

If there is a negative condition syntax, I would slightly prefer \ifnot to \if_not or worse \unless. I would disaprove strongly of \unless because it looses the clear symmetry with a closing \fi.

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