Hello Daniel,

 - if not, are possible corner case backward incompatibilities introduced
   by such feature ok?

In psql, if backslash followed by [CR]LF is interpreted as a
continuation symbol, commands like these seem problematic
on Windows since backslash is the directory separator:

\cd \
\cd c:\somepath\

Shell invocations also come to mind:
\! dir \

Thanks for pointing out these particular cases. I was afraid of such potential issues, hence my questions...

Would requiring a space after the \ to accept these be ok, even if it is somehow a regression?

By the way, how does changing directory to a directory with a space in the name works? I.e. does "\<space>" already means something for some commands?

Given these examples, I'm not sure I see a way out to having continuations on all backslash commands without really breaking some stuff... Or maybe having continuations for some commands only, but this is exactly what is rejected by Tom about my patch...


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