I wrote:
>> Jim Nasby <jim.na...@bluetreble.com> writes:
>>> I can't think of any reason you'd want the current behavior.

>> But I think fixing it to not recurse to extensions during temp namespace
>> cleanup might not be very hard.  I'll take a look.

I wrote a test case to try to demonstrate that this patch was fixing a
bug, and was surprised to find that it didn't fail.  The reason turns
out to be that we fixed this problem years ago in commit 08dd23cec:

    Also, arrange for explicitly temporary tables to not get linked as
    extension members in the first place, and the same for the magic
    pg_temp_nnn schemas that are created to hold them.  This prevents assorted
    unpleasant results if an extension script creates a temp table: the forced
    drop at session end would either fail or remove the entire extension, and
    neither of those outcomes is desirable.

Now, if you really try hard, say by creating a temp function, you can
break it.  But I don't have all that much sympathy for such use-cases.

I think that the patch I wrote is good cleanup, so I'm still inclined
to apply it in HEAD, but I no longer think it's fixing any case that's
significant in the field.  I wonder if you have a counterexample?

                        regards, tom lane

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