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> Hello,
> The attached patch implements the suggestion by Amit before.
> What I'm motivated is to collect extra run-time statistics specific
> to a particular ForeignScan/CustomScan, not only the standard
> Instrumentation; like DMA transfer rate or execution time of GPU
> kernels in my case.
> Per-node DSM toc is one of the best way to return run-time statistics
> to the master backend, because FDW/CSP can assign arbitrary length of
> the region according to its needs. It is quite easy to require.
> However, one problem is, the per-node DSM toc is already released when
> ExecEndNode() is called on the child node of Gather.
> This patch allows extensions to get control on the master backend's
> context when all the worker node gets finished but prior to release
> of the DSM segment. If FDW/CSP has its special statistics on the
> segment, it can move to the private memory area for EXPLAIN output
> or something other purpose.
> One design consideration is whether the hook shall be called from
> ExecParallelRetrieveInstrumentation() or ExecParallelFinish().
> The former is a function to retrieve the standard Instrumentation
> information, thus, it is valid only if EXPLAIN ANALYZE.
> On the other hands, if we put entrypoint at ExecParallelFinish(),
> extension can get control regardless of EXPLAIN ANALYZE, however,
> it also needs an extra planstate_tree_walker().
> Right now, we don't assume anything onto the requirement by FDW/CSP.
> It may want run-time statistics regardless of EXPLAIN ANALYZE, thus,
> hook shall be invoked always when Gather node confirmed termination
> of the worker processes.
Moved to next CF with "needs review" status.

Hari Babu
Fujitsu Australia

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