Current HaveNFreeProcs() iterates through the entire freeProcs list (while holding ProcStructLock) just to determine if there's a small number (superuser_reserved_connections) of free slots available. For the common case, presumably it'd be faster to put the n<=0 test inside the loop and return as soon as that's true, instead of waiting until the end?

BTW, the comment certainly doesn't seem accurate for the current code, since performance will be determined entirely by the number of procs on freeProcs...

 * Check whether there are at least N free PGPROC objects.
 * Note: this is designed on the assumption that N will generally be small.
HaveNFreeProcs(int n)
        PGPROC     *proc;


        proc = ProcGlobal->freeProcs;

        while (n > 0 && proc != NULL)
                proc = (PGPROC *) proc->;


        return (n <= 0);
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