Amit Kapila writes:

> How should I connect to this database?  If I use the user fdw
> mentioned in pg_hba.conf (changed authentication method to trust in
> pg_hba.conf), it says the user doesn't exist.  Can you create a user
> in the database which I can use?

There is also a superuser "postgres" and an unprivileged user "smith"
you should be able to login with.  You could also start postgres in
single-user mode to bypass the authentication altogether.

Amit Kapila writes:

> Please find attached patch to fix above code.  Now, if this is the
> reason of the problem you are seeing, it won't fix your existing
> database as it already contains some tuples in the wrong bucket.  Can
> you please re-run the test to see if you can reproduce the problem?

Ok, I'll do testing with the patch applied.

Btw, I also find entries like following in the logging database:

ERROR:  could not read block 2638 in file "base/16384/17256": read only 0 of 
8192 bytes

…with relfilenode being an hash index.  I usually ignore these as they
naturally start occuring after a recovery because of an unrelated crash.
But since 11003eb, they also occur when the cluster has not yet suffered
a crash.


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