Pavel Stehule wrote:
> 2016-12-04 23:00 GMT+01:00 Pavel Stehule <>:

> > I am not sure if I understand well to your ideas - please, check attached
> > patch.

Thanks, that's what I meant, but I think you went a bit overboard
creating new functions in execQual -- seems to me it would work just
fine to have the memory switches in the same function, rather than
having a number of separate functions just to change the context then
call the method.  Please remove these shim functions.

Also, you forgot to remove the now-unused per_rowset_memcxt struct member.

Also, please rename "rc" to something more meaningful -- maybe
"rowcount" is good enough.  And "doc" would perhaps be better as

I'm not completely sure the structs are really sensible yet.  I may do
some more changes tomorrow.

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