On 12/05/2016 11:17 AM, Tom Lane wrote:
Andrew Dunstan <and...@dunslane.net> writes:
Windows XP has been past end of life for quite some time. Nevertheless I
have kept my instance running with three buildfarm members: frogmouth,
currawong and brolga. Howeever, a recent commit (apparently fa2fa99, but
I'm not 100% sure) started causing a compiler segmentation fault on
frogmouth, the mingw/gcc-4.5.0 animal running on this machine.
Does anyone have any strong opinion in favor of keeping any of these
animals running?
Hm, a look through our commit logs finds multiple mentions of each of
these animals as having been the only one showing a particular portability
issue.  So I'm worried about loss of portability coverage.  Are you sure
that the animals' build options and choices of toolchains are replicated


Not exactly the same, no. e.g. jacana is similar but it doesn't build with python, tcl or openssl, and does build with nls, it's 64bit vs 32bit, and it runs a more modern compiler on a more modern OS.

If you think it's worth it I will put some effort into fixing frogmouth. I can certainly keep the others running for a while with little difficulty. I will disable frogmouth until I get a chance to look for a fix - next week at the earliest.



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