2016-12-06 1:50 GMT+01:00 Kohei KaiGai <kai...@kaigai.gr.jp>:

> 2016-12-05 22:45 GMT+09:00 Pavel Stehule <pavel.steh...@gmail.com>:
> >
> > There are more goals:
> >
> > 1. user friendly import of text or binary data - import text data (with
> > psql) from file is possible - but you have to load a content to psql
> > variable. For binary data you should to use workaround based on LO and
> > transformation from LO to bytea.
> >
> > 2. user friendly export text or binary data - now, the binary data can be
> > exported only via transformation to LO. The XML has very interesting
> > features when is passing from/to client binary. This feature is
> impossible
> > in psql now.
> >
>   :
> <snip>
>   :
> >> It seems to me extend of COPY statement for this optimization is a bit
> >> overkill
> >> solution. Do we find out an alternative solution that we can build on
> >> the existing
> >> infrastructure?
> >
> > The advantage and sense of COPY RAW was reusing existing interface. The
> > question was: How I can export/import binary data simply from psql
> console?
> >
> OK, I could get your point.
> Likeky, we can implement the feature without COPY statement enhancement
> by adding a special purpose function and \xxx command on psql.
> Let's assume the two commands below on psql:
> \blob_import <table_name> <column_name> (STDIN|<filename>)
> \blob_export <query> (STDOUT|<filename>)
> On \blob_import, the psql command reads the binary contents from either
> stdin or file, than call a special purpose function that takes three
> arguments; table name, column name and a binary data chunk.
> PQexecParams() of libpq allows to deliver the data chunk with keeping
> binary data format, then the special purpose function will be able to
> lookup the destination table/column and construct a tuple that contains
> the supplied data chunk. (I think xxxx_recv handler shall be used for
> data validation, but not an element of this feature.)
> On \blob_export, the psql command also set up a simple query as follows:
>   SELECT blob_export((<user's supplied query))
> For example,
>   \blob_export SELECT binary_data FROM my_table WHERE id = 10   /tmp/aaa
> shall be transformed to
>   SELECT blob_export((SELECT binary_data FROM my_table WHERE id = 10))

This is reason why I prefer a COPY statement - because it does all
necessary things natural.  But if there is a disagreement against COPY RAW
it can be implemented as psql commands.

export should be similar like \g, \gset feature


SELECT xmldoc FROM xxxx
\gbinary_store xxxx.xxx

import is maybe better solved by proposed file references in queries



> This function is declared as:
>   blob_export(anyelement) RETURNS bytea
> So, as long as the user supplied query returns exactly one column and
> one row, it can transform the argument to the binary stream, then psql
> command receive it and dump somewhere; stdout or file.
> How about your thought?
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> KaiGai Kohei <kai...@kaigai.gr.jp>

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