On 10/22/2016 02:45 AM, Peter Geoghegan wrote:
I noticed that the routine tuplesort_gettuple_common() fails to set
*should_free in all paths in master branch (no bug in 9.6). Consider
the TSS_SORTEDONTAPE case, where we can return false without also
setting "*should_free = false" to instruct caller not to pfree() tuple
memory that tuplesort still owns. I suppose that this is okay because
caller should never pfree() a tuple when NULL pointer was returned at
higher level (as "pointer-to-tuple"). Even still, it seems like a bad
idea to rely on caller testing things such that caller doesn't go on
to pfree() a NULL pointer when seemingly instructed to do so by
tuplesort "get tuple" interface routine (that is, some higher level
routine that calls tuplesort_gettuple_common()).

More importantly, there are no remaining cases where
tuplesort_gettuple_common() sets "*should_free = true", because there
is no remaining need for caller to *ever* pfree() tuple. Moreover, I
don't anticipate any future need for this -- the scheme recently
established around per-tape "slab slots" makes it seem unlikely to me
that the need to "*should_free = true" will ever arise again. So, for
Postgres 10, why not rip out the "*should_free" arguments that appear
in a bunch of places? This lets us slightly simplify most tuplesort.c

Yeah, I agree we should just remove the *should_free arguments.

Should we be worried about breaking the API of tuplesort_get* functions? They might be used by extensions. I think that's OK, but wanted to bring it up. This would be only for master, of course, and any breakage would be straightforward to fix.

Now, it is still true that at least some callers to
tuplesort_gettupleslot() (but not any other "get tuple" interface
routine) are going to *require* ownership of memory for returned
tuples, which means a call to heap_copy_minimal_tuple() remains
necessary there (see recent commit
d8589946ddd5c43e1ebd01c5e92d0e177cbfc198 for details). But, that's
beside the point. In the master branch only, the
tuplesort_gettupleslot() test "if (!should_free)" seems tautological,
just as similar tests are for every other tuplesort_gettuple_common()
caller. So, tuplesort_gettupleslot() can safely assume it should
*always* heap_copy_minimal_tuple() in the master branch. (BTW, I'm
going to teach tuplesort_gettuple_common() to avoid this
heap_copy_minimal_tuple() call for callers that don't actually need
it, but that's a discussion for another thread).


- Heikki

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