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(__FUNCTION__ is only used if we are compiling in gcc).  errstart() pushes
an empty entry onto an error-data-collection stack and fills in the
behind-the-scenes file/line entries.  errmsg() and friends stash values
into the top-level stack entry.  Finally errfinish() assembles and emits
the completed message, then pops the stack.  By using a stack, we can be
assured that things will work correctly if a message is logged by some
subroutine called in the parameters to ereport (not too unlikely when you
think about formatting functions like format_type_be()).

__FUNCTION__ or an equivalent is MANDATED by C99, and available on UnixWare's native cc.

You might want to make a configure test for it.

I believe the __func__ is the C99 spelling (that's what's available on UnixWare):

$ cc -O -o testfunc testfunc.c
$ ./testfunc
$ cat testfunc.c
#include <stdio.h>
int main(int argc,char **argv)

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