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> Magnus Hagander <mag...@hagander.net> writes:
> > While poking around the pg_basebackup code, I noticed there are a lot of
> > error messages are missing the \n at the end. Most of them are very
> > unlikely to happen, but in general I believe all error messages we print
> to
> > stderr from those binaries should have a newline at the end.
> > Is that wrong? :)
> I think you missed the fact that PQerrorMessage's result will already
> end with a newline.  So most (not all) of these look OK as they stand.

Ha, I knew there was something. But somehow I forgot about that one. I was
wondering why nobody had found it before :)

And yeah, that leaves just the one error that I actually bumped into.  I'll
go ahead and apply that one alone then.

Pah. Less coding on jetlag.


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