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>>>> If the expected committed patch set includes #5 then this becomes a
>>> matter for reviewer convenience so never mind.  But if its at all possible
>>> for #5 to be punted down the road incorporating the eventual "not var" and
>>> "not(var)" syntax into #1 as a kind of shim would seem desirable.
>> why do you need special operator for negation? there is only one use
>> case. It can be solved by \if_not
> ​Not following the thread that closely and the section Robert quoted
> didn't include "\if_not" as a syntax option.  I figured the idea was to
> limit the number of backslash commands and leave the power in the
> expression evaluation.

without a expression you can store a negation to variable

I can imagine simple functional only expressions evaluated on client side.

\if not(table_exists('table_name'))

full expressions are not easy implemented without bigger changes in psql
parser design - and I don't see any reason why do some too complex there. I
would not to replace bash, perl, python or lua.

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