On 12/21/16 1:55 AM, Andreas Karlsson wrote:
On 12/21/2016 04:14 AM, Jim Nasby wrote:
Why do functions that accept composite types delay type resolution until
execution? I have a naive patch that speeds up plpy.execute() by 8% by
caching interred python strings for the dictionary key names (which are
repeated over and over). The next step is to just pre-allocate those
strings as appropriate for the calling context, but it's not clear how
to handle that for input arguments.

Does your patch handle "ALTER TYPE name ADD ATTRIBUTE ..."? My immediate
guess would be that it could be a cache invalidation thing.

Won't that only happen at end of transaction?

After reading the tuple queue code I'm wondering if part of the issue is anonymous records, though that doesn't make much sense since plpython doesn't support those.

Given the lackluster support for arrays and composites in plpython, I suspect this is just a wart that hasn't been removed yet...
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