Stephen Frost wrote:
> Tom,
> * Tom Lane ( wrote:

> > BTW, so far as the HEAD version of this patch goes, I notice that
> > ATTACH PARTITION and DETACH PARTITION were recently added to the
> > list of exceptions.  But they're not exceptions according to this
> > wording: they act on more than one table (the parent and the
> > partition), no?  So we could simplify the sentence some more by
> > removing them again.
> I had considered removing those but thought that some users might think
> that they're only "altering" one table and therefore felt it made sense
> to keep those explicitly listed.

I agree with Stephen; it's not crystal clear from the user's POV that
the command is altering two tables.  It's worth mentioning this
explicitly; otherwise this is just a documented gotcha.

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