On 12/22/2016 01:21 AM, Craig Ringer wrote:
+   my @fields = ('plugin', 'slot_type', 'datoid', 'database',
'active', 'active_pid', 'xmin', 'catalog_xmin', 'restart_lsn');
+   my $result = $self->safe_psql('postgres', 'SELECT ' . join(', ',
@fields) . " FROM pg_catalog.pg_replication_slots WHERE slot_name =
+   $result = undef if $result eq '';
+   # hash slice, see http://stackoverflow.com/a/16755894/398670 .
Couldn't this portion be made more generic? Other queries could
benefit from that by having a routine that accepts as argument an
array of column names for example.
Yeah, probably. I'm not sure where it should live though - TestLib.pm ?

Not sure if there's an idomatic way to  pass a string (in this case
queyr) in Perl with a placeholder for interpolation of values (in this
case columns). in Python you'd pass it with pre-defined
%(placeholders)s for %.

For direct interpolation of an expression, there is this slightly baroque gadget:

   my $str = "here it is @{[ arbitrary expression here ]}";

For indirect interpolation using placeholders, there is

   my $str = sprintf("format string",...);

which works much like C except that the string is returned as a result instead of being the first argument.

And as we always say, TIMTOWTDI.


andrew (japh)

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