I am seeing this compiler warning in the 9.4 branch:

 9.4:  basebackup.c:1284:6: warning: variable 'wait_result' set but not used 

This is on Debian Jessie with gcc version 4.9.2.  It is from this commit:

        commit f6508827afe76b2c3735a9ce073620e708d60c79
        Author: Magnus Hagander <mag...@hagander.net>
        Date:   Mon Dec 19 10:11:04 2016 +0100
            Fix base backup rate limiting in presence of slow i/o
            When source i/o on disk was too slow compared to the rate limiting
            specified, the system could end up with a negative value for sleep 
            it never got out of, which caused rate limiting to effectively be
            turned off.
            Analysis by me, patch by Antonin Houska

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