'the the' -> 'the'


'ie' -> 'i.e.'

Although (concening the latter change) the present counts are 'ie' 428, and 'i.e.' 428.
so it might be debatable (but let's not)


Erik Rijkers

--- src/backend/commands/tablecmds.c.orig	2016-12-25 13:29:28.715237491 +0100
+++ src/backend/commands/tablecmds.c	2016-12-25 13:31:03.244444936 +0100
@@ -13244,7 +13244,7 @@
 			skip_validate = true;
-		 * We choose to err on the safer side, ie, give up on skipping the the
+		 * We choose to err on the safer side, i.e., give up on skipping the
 		 * validation scan, if the partition key column doesn't have the NOT
 		 * NULL constraint and the table is to become a list partition that
 		 * does not accept nulls.  In this case, the partition predicate
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