* Alvaro Herrera (alvhe...@2ndquadrant.com) wrote:
> Stephen Frost wrote:
> > * Alvaro Herrera (alvhe...@2ndquadrant.com) wrote:
> > > The only functional issue might be the removal of the IsA() checks.  If
> > > we don't cast any Node before passing it to any of those functions,
> > > there should be no problem because any misfeasance will be reported as a
> > > compile-time warning.  Perhaps it's worth adding IsA() checks in loops
> > > such as the one in roleSpecsToIds().
> > 
> > Maybe inside of an Assert() though..?
> Yeah, I was of two minds when writing that para.  Maybe roleSpecsToIds
> (and all similar functions, if any others exist) has a limited enough
> caller base that it's trivial to audit that no bogus callsite exists.

Well, I think an Assert() is fine to make sure someone doesn't add a new
call that passes in something else where we don't have the compile-time
type checking happening.



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