On 12/28/16 7:16 AM, Pavel Stehule wrote:
    ** The real problem is that we have no mechanism for allowing a PL's
    language/syntax/API to move forward without massive backwards
    compatibility problems. **

We have not, but there are few possibilities:

1. enhance #option command
2. we can introduce PRAGMA command

I wanted to break this out separately, because IMO it's the real heart of the matter.

I think it would be silly not to allow a global setting of compatibility. You certainly don't want to force people to stick magic keywords in their code forevermore.

To that end, would GUCs be a workable answer here? That should give you the ability to control incompatibilities at a function, user, database and global level. It would also allow you to chose between raising a WARNING vs a FATAL.

I realize we've had some bad experiences with compatibility GUCs in the past, but I'd argue we've also had some good experiences. I see that add_missing_from is now completely gone, for example, presumably with no complaints. There's probably several other compatibility GUCs we could remove now.
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