On 11/11/2016 12:11 AM, Ashutosh Sharma wrote:
Hi Jesper,

Some initial comments.


+               END_CRIT_SECTION();
+               _hash_chgbufaccess(rel, metabuf, HASH_READ, HASH_NOLOCK);

The _hash_chgbufaccess() needs a comment.

You also need a place where you call pfree for so->killedItems - maybe in

Thanks for reviewing this patch. I would like to update you that this
patch has got dependency on a patch for concurrent hash index and WAL
log in hash index. So, till these two patches for hash index are not
stable I won't be able to share you a next version of patch for
supporting microvacuum in hash index.

This can be rebased on the WAL v7 patch [1]. In addition to the previous comments you need to take commit 7819ba into account.

[1] https://www.postgresql.org/message-id/CAA4eK1%2BdmGNTFMnLO4EbOWJDHUq%3D%2Ba2L8T%3D72ifXeh-Kd8HOsg%40mail.gmail.com

Best regards,

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