On 12/31/16 4:09 AM, Pavel Stehule wrote:
> now the code in tabcomplete become large part of psql. Is there some
> possibility to write regress tests? 

I started on that a while ago with some Perl Expect module.  The use of
the module was a bit cumbersome, but it worked OK.

The problem is that you end up just writing out another copy of
tab-complete.c in a different language.  So, for example, to test

    else if (Matches4("ALTER", "DOMAIN", MatchAny, "SET"))

the test code would effectively look like

    test_completion(["ALTER", "DOMAIN", random_string(), "SET"],
                    ["DEFAULT, "NOT NULL", "SCHEMA"]);

That's not very interesting, and the regressions are more likely in
keeping the test code up to date than in actual behavior changes.

I do agree that having some tests would be good, because we're now so
used to having tests that reviewing tab completion changes becomes
strangely manual.  But I don't have a good idea how to structure those
tests efficiently.

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