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> Pursuant to my comments at
> https://www.postgresql.org/message-id/20161223192245.hx4rbrxbrwtgwj6i@alvherre.pgsql
> and because of a stupid bug I found in my indirect indexes patch, I
> rewrote (read: removed) HeapSatisfiesHOTAndKey.  The replacement
> function HeapDetermineModifiedColumns returns a bitmapset with a bit set
> for each modified column, for those columns that are listed as
> "interesting" -- currently that set is the ID columns, the "key"
> columns, and the indexed columns.  The new code is much simpler, at the
> expense of a few bytes of additional memory used during heap_update().
> All tests pass.
> Both WARM and indirect indexes should be able to use this infrastructure
> in a way that better serves them than the current HeapSatisfiesHOTAndKey
> (both patches modify that function in a rather ugly way).  I intend to
> get this pushed shortly unless objections are raised.
> The new coding prevents stopping the check early as soon as the three
> result booleans could be determined.

I think there is some chance that such a change could induce
regression for the cases when there are many index columns or I think
even when index is on multiple columns (consider index is on first and
eight column in a ten column table).  The reason for such a suspicion
is that heap_getattr() is not so cheap that doing it multiple times is
free.  Do you think it is worth to do few tests before committing the

Noticed below comment in interesting-attrs-2.patch
+ * are considered the "key" of rows in the table, and columns that are
+ * part of indirect indexes.

Is it right to mention about indirect indexes in above comment
considering indirect indexes are still not part of core code?

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