On 01/02/2017 10:18 AM, Robert Haas wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 29, 2016 at 10:47 AM, Joe Conway <m...@joeconway.com> wrote:
>> Shouldn't this be back-patched? The plancache warning goes back through
>> 9.2 (at least) and the lwlocks warning through 9.5 (or maybe it was 9.4).
> Warnings are going to be different for each individual developer, but
> I am cautiously in favor making more of an effort to fix back-branch
> warnings provided that it doesn't generate too much code churn.  For
> example, if your toolchain generates only these two warnings on 9.2
> then, sure, let's back-port these two fixes; making things
> warning-clean is great.  But if there are dozens or hundreds of
> warnings currently, fixing only a handful of those warnings probably
> isn't valuable, and fixing all of them is probably a little more risk
> than we necessarily want to take.  Someone could goof and make a bug.
> On my MacBook Pro with my toolchain, we're warning-clean back to 9.3
> or 9.4, and before that there are some problems -- most annoyingly the
> fact that 73b416b2e41237b657d29d8f42a4bb34bf700928 couldn't be easily
> backported to older branches.  I don't think it would be crazy to try
> to get all of the warnings I see fixed up and it would be convenient
> for me, but I haven't been willing to do the work, either.

FWIW, I'm running Mint 18 which is based on Unbuntu 16.04 I believe. On
the 9.2 and 9.3 branches I see two warnings:

This one once:
plancache.c:1197:9: warning: ‘plan’ may be used uninitialized in this
function [-Wmaybe-uninitialized]

And this one once per bison file:
gram.y:169.1-13: warning: deprecated directive, use ‘%name-prefix’

The plancache.c fix in Stephen's patch was really simple: initialize
plan = NULL and add an assert. To me that seems like something we should
definitely back-patch.

On the other hand, seems like we have had bison related warnings of one
kind or another since I first got involved with Postgres. So while it
would be nice to make that one go away, it somehow bothers me less. It
also goes away starting in 9.4 anyway.

Starting in 9.5 I only get the plancache.c warning and this one:
lwlock.c:1555:5: warning: ‘mode’ may be used uninitialized in this
function [-Wmaybe-uninitialized]
  if (mode == LW_EXCLUSIVE)

That is the other warning fixed in Stephens commit to master.

For the sake of completeness, in 9.4. I get the plancache.c warning and
this one:
basebackup.c:1284:6: warning: variable ‘wait_result’ set but not used
  int   wait_result;

Seems like that should be easily fixed.

If there is agreement on fixing these warnings, other than the bison
generated warning, I would be happy to do it. I'd also be happy to look
for a fix the bison warning as well if desired, but that should be
handled separately I would think.


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